Mission Statement

We have created this website out of our love for our 2 ½ year old son, Alexander, who was diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor on August 10th 1998 and passed away after three months of chemotherapy on January 31st 1999. We believe that it is important that parents have information (that we didn't have) about the safety and efficacy of chemotherapy that have been administered to children with brain cancer for the past 20 years. We believe that parents should be told the truth - that these therapies are ineffective and dangerous to the majority of young children with malignant brain tumors.

Children Should be Allowed
Access to the Best Therapy
and the Best Quality of Life

Every child with a terminal disease should have the right to have access to the best treatment available and the therapy that provides the best quality of life. Since medical orthodoxy has yet to discover a cure for aggressive pediatric brain cancer, parents should be permitted to use other therapies prescribed by their medical doctor. The FDA's policy of not permitting children to have access to any other therapy except chemo and radiation must stop. Children who are labeled "terminal" should be allowed access to any treatment that is safe and could potentially save their life. The FDA stopped Alexander and continues to stop hundreds of other children from having access to a non-toxic cancer therapy that has proven to be both effective and safe.

Oncologists Must be Stopped from
Using Children for Experimentation

In their journal articles, oncologists admit that their therapies for young children with malignant brain tumors are still experimental, toxic and relatively ineffective. Therefore, oncologists should not be permitted to take children from their parents in order to use them as guinea pigs in such unproven therapies. A child with brain cancer is still a child and deserves to be treated with basic human dignity and respect.

Parents Must be Entitled to
Informed Consent

"Informed" means being given the truth regarding the benefits and risks of a medical intervention administered to your child. But the history of chemotherapy in respect to its toxicity, carcinogenicity, and ineffectiveness in aggressive pediatric brain tumors, is not shared with parents. That is why most parents submit their children do this insidious therapy because they are not informed of the truth. "Consent" means being permitted to agree to or refuse a medical intervention. However, if a parent discovers the truth about chemotherapy and decides that she does not want this "treatment" for her child, her refusal may be meaningless. Oncologists may use persuasion, threats and the law to take her child from her even if she says "no" to these toxic poisons. In this way, some oncologists have replaced "informed consent" with "unscrupulous coercion" and that must stop. Oncologists should not be permitted to use our children as laboratory mice.


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